Bizo is a a baby elephant who bullies young animals.

Description Edit

A young male African bush elephant and Pagoola's son. Known for his habit of dismantling homes of many smaller animals because of his arrogant nature. For this reason, he is at odds with Lune, though they reluctantly have to work as a duo to free themselves from a dual-headed bear trap in Episode 18. Despite his arrogant nature, he is whiny, boisterous, and brutal; as seen in Episode 19, where he tears more homes of smaller animals asunder due to his apparent dislike of them, which sparked a fight between him and Lune which ends in a win for the calf. In the 1989 remakes, he was shown to be a bully, teasing the younger animals - which caused Bubu and Toto to lead a forest wide manhunt which ends in a short brawl between Leo and Bubu. Luckily, the misunderstanding was solved.

Appearances Edit

Bizo first appear in Leo the lion episode 18, He was with his father Pagoola and his herd, he bullied Lune and other small animals, in the Green Plague Bizo was infected with the plague, and the animals heal him and the other elephants with huge shots.

In Jungle Emperor 89, unlike Onward Leo nor the 1997 film Bizo appeared as the same age as Leo, he, his father and their herd came to Panja's forest to find food, Bizo wanders off and cause some trouble, a few episodes later, Bizo has grown tusks and helped his herd after following his father's footsteps.