Tommy (Bucky in the 65 series English dub) is a childhood friend of Leo (Kimba) and Lyra (Kitty), and is seen in 1965 show Kimba the White Lion, 1966's "Onward Leo!" (Leo the Lion) and the 1997 movie Jungle Emperor Leo. He is also in Tezuka's manga.  


Bucky looks like a typical Thomson gazelle, though his design usually stands out somewhat among his fellows in whatever adaption he's in, sometimes due to the straw hat he wears.  

Personality Edit

Bucky is comic relief, easily scared and jumping to conclusions. He's the more skeptical of the duo he forms with Coco (Pauly Cracker) and sometimes has to be the voice of reason of the two. He is very well meaning, even if he sometimes goes overboard. He's a loyal friend to Kimba and tries to look out for him.

Jungle Emperor (manga)Edit

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In "Kimba the White Lion" Edit

In the 1965 anime, Bucky/Tommy is presented as a cowardly and dim-witted gazelle, often jumping to conclusions. He first encounters Kimba in this anime when he is attacked by Claw's two hyena minions (this event happens in the episode The Wind in the Desert). He is often seen with Coco/Pauly Cracker.

In Leo the LionEdit

Bucky/Tommy is present in this anime and is similar to his previous incarnation (as is Coco/Pauly Cracker) but both characters have reduced roles here, due to the darker and grimmer tone of this anime.

In "Jungle Emperor Leo" (1997)Edit

Bucky is seen as a concerned sort of "uncle" to Lune and Lukio. He and Coco are mostly comic relief and their confrontations are a source of humor for the audience.

Gallery Edit

Bucky (Tommy)/Gallery


  • Bucky gets his hat in the course of the manga, but has it from the start in the 1989 adaption.
  • His name is Tony in the 1989 adaptation.


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