Cassius (Toto) makes his first appearance in Episode 7: "Battle at Dead River". He is the brains behind Claw in the 66 and 93 dubs.


Physical Appearance Edit

Cassius is the typical black panther, lean and long.

Personality Edit

In most adaptions Cassius is sneaky and dangerous, though in the 2009 film he was a more tragic figure.

Appearances Edit

In Jungle Emperor Edit

Toto is Bubu's side-kick, and a source of comic-relief rather than brains and brute strength.

In "Kimba the White Lion" Edit

Cassius first shows up in Episode 7, and already he shows signs of being the smarter of the two feline villains. He is shown later to have connections with the darker side of the jungle - namely the deadly Black Four and Gypsy the Owl. He has no conscience when it comes to cold-blooded murder. He treats Tom and Tab, the two hyenas, with contempt. They fear him, and he seems just fine with that. But even he knows not to push Claw too far.

In "Leo the Lion"Edit

Screenshot 20180507-162838

The Goat Slikar's hunting

In "The Brave Can Change the Future"' Edit

Toto acts as the semi-antagonist of the 2009 film, appearing for the first time without Claw or the hyenas. He is tragic figure - the last panther on earth. When he gives his final line at the end of the film, you have to feel it.

"I wasn’t meant to live in this world anyway. I’m a failed product, after all. Leo, I haven’t forgiven the humans. Ken’ichi, have our screams reached them at all? That’s all I needed. Thanks. This… is my way of leaving my mark."