Chiller is a large wildcat, and one of the "Destroyers from the Desert", alongside Nero, and Butcher Boy.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Chiller is a larger-sized spotted wildcat, similar to that of a leopard or a cheetah. he has large tuffs of hair off the sides of his face, signifying him from the other big cats in the jungle.


Chiller, much like Butcher Boy and Nero, doesn't have much respect towards others (including Kimba himself), and will happily beat down anyone to tell him or his friends otherwise.


In Kimba the White LionEdit

Chiller, along with Nero and Butcher Boy, only appear once in the series, in the episode "Destroyers from the Desert". Upon arriving to Kimba's kingdom, Chiller was the first to fight Kimba, easily defeating him. Afterwards, Chiller reveals to the other animals what happened to Kimba, and soon starts to force the animals into giving them food, and was about to start eating them after a while until Kimba returns. As before, Chiller tries to fight him again, but that time he looses to Kimba, running blindly into a boulder at top speed.

In Jungle EmperorEdit

His role in the film mirrors that in the TV series.