Coco (Pauly Cracker) is a childhood friend of Kimba (Leo) and Kitty (Lyra), and is seen in 1965 show Kimba the White Lion, 1966's Leo the Lion (Onward, Leo) and the 1997 movie Jungle Emperor Leo. He is also in Tezuka's manga.

In the 1965 animeEdit

In the 1965 anime, Coco/Pauly Cracker (at least in the NBC dub) is depicted as a crazy and somewhat comical jerk with a strong and loyal belief in Kimba and his abilities. He is often seen with the gazelle Bucky (Tommy). His backstory provided in the anime is that he was own the pet of a hotel owner, but met an attractive female parrot and tried to rescue her and other captive birds, a plan which ultimately ended in disaster and the demise of all the escaping birds (including the aforementioned female parrot) except for Coco/Pauly, which may be the reason for his erratic and somewhat unstable behaviour.

In 'Jungle Emperor: Onward Leo!'Edit

Coco/Pauly Cracker is present in this anime, along with Tommy/Bucky, and is similar to his previous incarnation, although his role is greatly reduced here, as is Bucky/Tommy, due to the darker and grimmer tone of this anime.


Coco (Pauly Cracker)/Gallery

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