The Jungle aka the Bajelous, Panja's Forest is the main setting of the Jungle Emperor Leo franchise.

Description Edit

It is a jungle located in Africa, where Panja, now Leo rules there, it is also has savannahs, swamps, waterfalls, rivers, watering holes, and deserts.

Landmarks Edit

*Ruins- They were built by animals in The Manga and Leo the Lion, but in The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Emperor 1989), the ruins weren't built by Animals, it was already built before the events.

*Marody's Cliff- A mountain where Barbary Lions survive.

*Mount Moon- the Mystical Mountain where the Mammoth inhabited, it also has the Moonlight stone, Dinosaurs, and Wolves.

*Conga's Village- a native village where Conga rules there.

*Skull Rock-

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Species that live in the Jungle


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