Jungle Emperor: The Brave Can Change the Future is a 107-minute film created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Tezuka's birth. It was written by Suzuki Osamu, directed by Taniguchi Goro, and animated by Tezuka Productions.

It completely flipped the Jungle Emperor story, setting its tale in a "neo-jungle" created to preserve animal life as much of the wild has been destroyed. Enter Kenichi, son of the C.E.O. of Eternal Earth, who created the preserve. He has the special ability to understand the language of animals. He meets Leo, son of Panja and Eliza, who is criticized by all the animals as a coward. They tell him he isn't as brave as his father, but Leo is determined to prove them wrong. A sickness breaks out among the animals that appears contagious to humans, prompting the decision to destroy them all. Then its up to Kenichi and Leo to save the animals.


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