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Keruru & Amaji Edit

  • Are two Barbary lion cub brothers that are known as the grandsons of the great Marody. They live alongside Marody on Marody's Cliff and are known to be rivals of Leo's in the 1989 series "The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion".
  • Not a lot of information is known about Keruru & Amaji but in the anime their parents are not featured leading viewers to assume that they are dead; especially with Marody being their Guardian and looking after them.
  • It is also unclear why they are rivals with Leo but do not ever acknowledge the white lion as ever being close to their high status/title. It is thought that this rivalry between white lion and barbary could have risen during Panja's Reign as Marody (Keruru & Amaji's Grandfather) has told Leo that Panja and him were rivals when Panja was still alive. Thus leading viewers to suspect that Keruru & Amaji follow with their grandfather and choose to dislike Leo much like Marody had. Could also be a territorial issue as well. Much of this is unknown.

Characteristics Edit

  • It is unclear as to of why but Keruru & Amaji tend to be the only Barbary lions with the charcoal/grey/black pelts with brown manes. All other barbary lions in the pride during the series are seen with dark pelts and cream manes.
  • The two brothers are often never seen apart in the series either and always travel together.

References Edit

  1. All information has been retrieved via 1989 the new adventures of kimba the white lion subbed anime tv series. Some information that has been subbed may be inaccurate and need clarification.