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Leo the Lion (Onward, Leo!) is the sequel series to or second season of Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Emperor).

The series is noteworthy for exploring Kimba as an older character and introducing his children. The ending of the series it's different from the original manga.

Below is a episode list in Japanese release order with the English dub titles.

  • 1. The First Adventure
  • 2. The Map of Danger
  • 3. The Blue Lion
  • 4. The Last Hunt of the Ahabi People
  • 5. Leo Becomes a Father
  • 6. The Mighty Gorilla
  • 7. The Golden Bow
  • 8. The Case of the Moonlight Stone
  • 9. The Falcons
  • 10. Rick the Lycon
  • 11. Panja’s Hide
  • 12. The Poachers
  • 13. Duel at Lubar Valley
  • 14. The Saber-Toothed Tiger
  • 15. The Marked Giraffe
  • 16. Lily the Black Leopard
  • 17. Devil Falls
  • 18. The Steel Monster
  • 19. A House for the Animals
  • 20. The White Cliff
  • 21. Agura the Terrible
  • 22. Candle Rock
  • 23. The Silver Wolf
  • 24. Adventure at Volcano Island
  • 25. The Green Plague
  • 26. The Eternal Mount Moon


Leo the Lion Episode Guide

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