Leona is the guardian of the shrine which houses the hides of Kimba's ancestors. Depending upon the version, she is either Kimba's cousin (manga), elder sister (66 series), or aunt (89 series).


Leona makes her first appearance in Kimba the White Lion's Episode 19: The Mystery of the Deserted Village, and reprises her original role somewhat in 1989 "The New Adventures of Kimba".

In Kimba the White Lion (1966)Edit

Leona at the Shrine

Leona at the shrine

In the 1966 series, Leona is shown to be somewhat stubborn and proud, and very protective of the hides of her ancestors. She seems to support her brother following in their father's footsteps, and sometimes visits him in the jungle. Her two main appearences are in Episode 19: The Mystery of the Desterted Village, and Episode 51: The Day the Sun Went Out.

In The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion (1989)Edit

Leona and Kimba1

Leona and Leo after he is captured.

Leona appears here in Episode 10: "Freedom", as a Goddess of a shrine. She is Leo's aunt, and wants him to stay safe with her in the village. However she eventually decides that the choice is his, and allows him to escape her village. She appears again in Episode 16: "White Beast" and in the two-part episode "Sacrifice" where she is killed by Viper Snakely (Ham Egg) when Leo tries to save her, but neither of these episodes were ever dubbed in English.


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