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File:Jungle Emperor Hon-o-Ji film (High Quality)File:Jungle Emperor Leo Hon-o-ji Movie SpecialFile:Jungle Emperor Opening Theme
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File:Kimba & kitty's new born baby cubs in the new movie.jpgFile:Kimba Talking with Rya.pngFile:Kimba Title Page.PNG
File:Kimba and Bucky.pngFile:Kimba and Kitty on the episode 'Battle of Dead River'.pngFile:KimbainEmperorLeo.jpg
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File:Snowene.jpgFile:Specklerex.pngFile:Tezuka's KIMBA THE WHITE LION Ep. 01 "Go, White Lion!"
File:Tezuka's KIMBA THE WHITE LION Ep. 02 "The Wind in the Desert"File:Tezuka's KIMBA THE WHITE LION Ep. 03 "A Human Friend"File:Tezuka's KIMBA THE WHITE LION Ep. 14 "Journey Into Time"
File:The New Adventure of Kimba the White Lion - Full Episode 1 (Official & HQ with subtitles)File:Toto-09.pngFile:Wiki-wordmark.png

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