Rune (or Lune as he is known in the English dub) is the son of Kimba and Kitty, and is seen in 1966 show "Onward Leo!" (Leo the Lion) and the 1997 movie Jungle Emperor Leo. He is also in the second half of Tezuka's manga.


In "Onward, Leo!", Lune starts out a crybaby, but slowly becomes more reckless. In 1997 film, he is a brave, bold cub with a fascination with humans.


Lune, except in the manga, has always been a nearly identical copy of his father, Kimba (Leo).

Jungle Emperor (manga)Edit

In Leo the LionEdit

Rune has part in many adventures during the series.

In "Jungle Emperor Leo" (1997)Edit

Lune is a reckless cub, trying to learn to fly and boldly exploring a downed airplane. He eventually runs away to meet humans, ending up in the circus where he meets Mary (yes, Mary from the Kimba series) and a mouse called Jack, that may or may not be the same one he befriended in "Onward, Leo!"


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At the very end of the original manga (Jungle Emperor), it's revealed that Rune took the place of his father as protector of the jungle: he also took a lioness as mate and had 3 cubs.


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