Masa is an eagle who is the mother of Myu and 4 unnamed Chicks.

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She is an eagle with brown and tan feathers, and a yellow beak with a black tip.

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In The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion she first appeared in episode 12 Red wing, where she and her chicks were being attacked by a Black Panther. Leo arrives, and Masa thought he was attacking them. Leo carries Myu to Panja's Forest, where she is proven wrong about him. They rested at Marody's cliff. Later, she heard the Myu had gone to the Gimera's mountain, so she dyed her feathers red to disguise hereself as the Gimera. Myu learns to fly when the real Gimera (revealed to be an Arcaheopteryx) attacks. It soon turns out that the Gimera has a family of his own, and was just trying to protect them. Masa is very proud of Myu finally learning to fly.

In Episode 38 Best Friends, she and her chicks were looking for Myu. They find Lulu at a lake, where a pack of Hyenas attack. After rescuing Lulu, Masa and The Mother Giraffe scold Myu and Lulu for not listeining to them. Myu and Lulu learned their lesson.

In Episode 49 and 50, she is sided with Leo, Amaji, Harley, Silverback, Bob, and an Aardvark to destroy the invaders' equipment from destroying the jungle.

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